Sales policy

11:40 01/07/2017

SEN FOOD JSC always determines: "Customer satisfaction determines our success." Therefore, all our strategies, products and services are based on the maximum benefits to customers.
We commit to policy of sales and quality policy with the products provided as follows:

· All goods are of clear, genuine origin, from manufacturers and importers.

· Absolutely not selling counterfeit goods, counterfeit brands, poor quality goods.

· The product sold is always better than the market price

· Refund of 100% of the value of goods sold if the goods are sold incorrectly or wrongly

· The goods sold are covered by the manufacturer's standard.

· Service attitude: Honesty with customers, credit always put on top. We serve with the highest heart and respect.

· Do not disclose or use the personal information of the customer for the wrong purpose. Compliance with Vietnamese laws on sales and consumer protection.

· Customers will regularly benefit from the company's discounts and promotions as well as discount programs and promotions from suppliers. Commitment to award prizes, promotions according to the program launched.

Honesty - Prestige is SEN FOOD JSC's sales commitment. If any problems are not satisfied, please contact us for information:


Address: 232 Ton Duc Thang Street - Hang Bot - Dong Da - Ha Noi

Hotline: +84988515624

Email: sales@senfoodco.com

  • Shopping guide

    Shopping guide

    (11:08:18 AM 01/07/2017)

    After looking at the information, the customer directly contact the company by email to be informed, consult the price policy, mode of payment, shipping and delivery of goods most reasonable.

  • Shipping policy

    Shipping policy

    (11:28:17 AM 01/07/2017)

    1. Price policy: Customers contact directly by phone for the best quotation. 2. Shipping: Thucphamchauau.vn free delivery in the city of Hanoi, with provincial customers, the company is responsible for delivery to the bus station in the city, freight payment customers to the garage upon receipt Be found.

  • Privacy policy

    Privacy policy

    (11:43:16 AM 01/07/2017)

    We are committed to the absolute privacy of the User's information in accordance with the privacy policies of the Website and other laws of Vietnam. The privacy policy is as follows: