Shipping policy

11:28 01/07/2017

Price policy: Customers contact directly by phone or email: sales@senfoodco.com for the best quotation.

  • Shopping guide

    Shopping guide

    (11:08:18 AM 01/07/2017)

    After looking at the information, the customer directly contact the company by email to be informed, consult the price policy, mode of payment, shipping and delivery of goods most reasonable.

  • Privacy policy

    Privacy policy

    (11:43:16 AM 01/07/2017)

    We are committed to the absolute privacy of the User's information in accordance with the privacy policies of the Website and other laws of Vietnam. The privacy policy is as follows:

  • Sales policy

    Sales policy

    (11:40:15 AM 01/07/2017)

    SEN FOOD JSC always determines: "Customer satisfaction determines our success." Therefore, all our strategies, products and services are based on the maximum benefits to customers.