Lotus Seed

Dried lotus seeds 500Gr


Tam sen Nam is dark green, inside lotus seeds, bitterness, welding properties, has sedative effects, effective treatment of insomnia, heartbeat except disturbances, delirium

Product Name: South lotus heart (crooked)


The cotyledons are separated from the lotus seeds, processed and dried by manual methods
After the dried pigment is yellow, touch not damp, sticking hands
A precious medicine, widely used in folk as a medicine to cure insomnia, high blood pressure, ...
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Some remedies from lotus

Security, mind except: (5g) dry heart; (20g) dried leaves, powdered; (10g) apple black star crushed; (10g) fresh jasmine. Mix well, with 1 liter of water, when warm water drop jasmine. Take that medicine drink plenty of water every day
Cure sleep trouble, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety: (8g) lotus, (20g) dried starch, (15g) Combat the three drugs with 1 liter of boiling water, used to drink tea instead of daily, during the use of this drug should stop drinking some substances containing caffeine such as tea,
Support to prevent heart arrhythmias, hypertension: 3g of lotus heart into teapot, inhibited with boiling water such as tea, 1-2 times a day
Heat, heart, blood sugar, sedative: (5g) South lotus heart, (100g) rice, sticky secretion of these two things into porridge, when the porridge is ripe, add a bit of sugar, stir evenly, suitable for The elderly suffer from prolonged insomnia, weakness of the body.
Special treatment for back pain, tinnitus, asthma, asthma, asthma, physiological weakness in men: (8g) lotus, (20g) black beans, (20g), (16g) , (12g) spent aside star dried, (10g) flower seeds, all in the watercolor per day (one per day), a 10-day course