Lotus Seed

Roasted Lotus Seed

We are a large supplier of Roasted Lotus Seed in Vietnam to national and international supermarkets. We produce and process the Lotus Seeds with the utmost care and exercise very strict quality control.

How to Use: Ready to Use

Our Lotus Seeds snacks are naturally from 100% Fresh Lotus Seed with no added sugars and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 

Main Functions

(1)Health care and tonic;

(2)To astringe lungs, relieve asthma, activate blood circulation, dissipate blood stasis, relieve pain

(3)Usually used for lung deficiency cough, coronary heart disease, angina and hyperlipidemia.

Use For Medicine, food, spice, seasoning, soup, tea, herbal wine, beverage, gift, comestics, etc.
Suitable People Aged,boss, staff, teacher, kid, adult, student,auditorium,women,men,girl,boy.